Maldoo at the Cambridge MSO

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Larger version (800x600, 70Kb)
Largerer version (1600x1200, 152Kb)
Taken by Piete Brooks

The picture on the left cropped around the board itself.
This picture is from the actual tournament. Geoff (front right) is about to make a move, by touching a point. The green turn light is on (the edge of Geoff's sleeve), so his colour is green. From the pattern on the board, they are playing CountLines. In this game, you get one score for a straight line of four points of your colour, 2 for five points etc. Geoff has one line of seven points (diagonal) which scores four, and four lines of four points, so he has a score of 8. Piers, who plays the red, has a score of four (one line of 6 points = 3, one line of four points = 1).

The rest of the pictures taken by Charles Matthews, of people that played it just for fun. In most of the cases I don't know the identity of the people in the picture.

Looks like they are playing SpeedGo here.
On the close board they play SpeedGo, and I think it is Charles's wife and daughter. On the distant board they play Reversi.
Looks like they are playing CountLines, and the game is close to finish. The player that will play in the point on the left in the second line from the bottom will get a point, green because of the vertical line, red because of the diagonal line. If green doesn't block it, red may also make another line in the top line.
On the far board they play Ghost (you can see the "ghost" in red in the right close corner). The close board looks like visiput.
Some children playing Touchit.
This doesn't look like a sensible position in any of the games, so it is probably a starting position in SpeedGo.

The two boards in starting positions of FillIt.
Aubrey tries unsuccessfully to anihilate the board completely in Reversi (play level 4).