Maldoo is an electronic board-games board, which you play by touching the point you want to play in. It plays standard Go and Reversi and additional 10 new games. What you can get here is the instructions of playing it and a simulation of the board, running on windows machines.

The main purpose of the simltaion is to get feedback about the games. In particular, I want feedback on the games Visiput, FillIt and ClearIt.

The simulation

A full description of the current version of Maldoo is here(~45Kb).

Here is a simulation of the board (wintel executable, 106,496 bytes), which gives quite a good idea of how the board looks. Download and execute.

On startup, the board displays Play:Game followed by the game name. To change the game click the Up-arrow/Down-arrow buttons (top right).

To start playing click the Start button.

You can learn most of the games just by trying them. FillIt is the easiest to work out, Life1, Life2 and SpeedGo are the most difficult.

The four little white rectangles indicates that the game is stoppsed or finished. Press Start or Stop/Cont to start/continue the game.

In the simulation, the Board Plays parameter is set, and you play as green against the computer. You can set this parameter (see How To in the instructions), but you will have to find a way of getting input from two players.

Yehouda Harpaz

You have permission to distribute the description and the compiled software freely on computers only, and to print only for personal use. I reserve the copyright for all other manifestation of either. In particular, you are not allowed to distribute it in conjunction with any money transaction (directly or indirectly), and to distribute printed copies of it.

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